Nissan has offered a look at what could easily be considered a rival to the tough-looking Ranger Wildtrak, unveiling its new Navara EnGuard concept.
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Revealed at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany, the Navara EnGuard was conceived as a rescue vehicle for "harsh and extreme environments".

The more glaringly obvious tweaks include a 50mm bump in ride height, huge bolt-on flares over meaty tyres and fluoro green-trimmed wheels, custom LED foggies (paging James Ward), darkened front and rear lighting, and strobe lights atop the roof.

The EnGuard's got a few other tricks up its sleeve, including extendable fibre-glass trays in the rear, along with a low-profile roof-mounted shell that stores two-way radios, ropes, torches and an axe.


In the tub, you'll find an oxygen tank and resuscitation kit, along with buoyancy aids and life jackets.

There's also a portable battery pack, intended as an alternative to a conventional petrol power generator. Seven modules deliver 2kW of power each, their energy replenished by the Navara's 2.3-litre turbo diesel.

The EnGuard's pièce de résistance, however, might be the drone it stores in the rear. Connected to an integrated control display, the drone boasts a 6000-metre (19,685ft) operating ceiling, a 30-minute run time and a top speed of 20 metres per second.


The EnGuard is not destined for a production run, for emergency services or otherwise, although its design could no doubt inspire aftermarket upgrades for both rescue and recreational groups.

In the meantime, there's always the Wildtrak, the Colorado Z71 and the newly powered-up Amarok...

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