If you've ever wondered why more and more car advertisements are clearly computer-generated, there's a few good reasons. One is the god-like control over the environment and weather, but another is to avoid the prying eyes of savvy onlookers.
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Authenticity remains a powerful lure, though, and it's that hunt that has brought us our first undisguised look at the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass.

Although the new Compass has been spied a number of times - and by a well-placed friend of CarAdvice on the Stelvio Pass this very week - these photos from Brazilian website Autoo reveal the small-ish SUV without a shred of camouflage as crews scurry to complete the shoot.


The new 2017 Compass will replace the positively ancient first-generation Compass, and its more utilitarian-looking twin the Patriot. Both debuted in 2006, although the Compass was given new life in 2011 with a major Grand Cherokee-inspired facelift.

The Patriot picked up a minor facelift around the same time, but it will be given the boot when this new Compass debuts in the months ahead.

No surprise, then, that fans and the media - even Jeep itself, internally - have been referring to this new model as the Compatriot.


It's also no surprise that the Compass has been spied in Brazil, as that's where the new model will be launched first.

“[...] We decided to launch the new 'C' (medium) SUV actually in Brazil, which we’re planning on at the moment, it will be the first plant the gets the global vehicle. No delays, it’s on track, we just thought it was more appropriate,” Jeep boss Mike Manley told CarAdvice in New York earlier this year.

On the styling front, the face of the new Compass skews closer to the look of the big Grand Cherokee rather than the polarising snout of the mid-sized Cherokee. Both wear the iconic slotted grille, but the Compass is sticking with a more conventional headlight design, rather than the Cherokee's four-eyes look that has won some fans and deterred others.


Through the profile, the 2017 Compass wears boxy wheel arches below a tapered black roof and an upswept beltline, while a chunky D-pillar and raked rear window maintain that look at the rear.

On this particular car, the almost Audi-like tail lamps get a dark background and a bold LED signature along the lower edge.

Earlier spy photos reveal a very familiar look in the cabin, with a tall upright dashboard with an integrated display - no floating tablets here - with a separate air-conditioning control panel beneath.


Although technical details are still to come, it's believed the new Compass is built on a version of the architecture beneath the smaller 4230mm-long Renegade and the related Fiat 500X.

In the Jeep line-up, it will sit between the very retro and ruggedly styled Renegade and the more modern-looking Cherokee, which measures 4623mm long.

The new Compass is expected to make its global debut at the 2016 Sao Paulo motor show in early November, which means we can likely expect to see it at the Los Angeles motor show later in the month.

Australian timing has not been confirmed, but we shouldn't expect to see the new Compass here earlier than the middle of 2017.

2017 Jeep Compass spied on the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy

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