Aussie man builds underground 'Bat Cave'

Kids dream of growing up to become superheroes. One man in Australia decided to live like one.
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This particular Aussie gentleman, although perhaps not quite as well-to-do as Bruce Wayne himself, decided to replicate the playboy millionaire superhero's underground garage from the film The Dark Knight to house his collection of exotic supercars - without touching his red-brick white-columned Melbourne mansion.

This meant going underground, accessed by a hidden driveway that, to passers by, looks like a regular tennis court.

Inside the underground lair, the roof is lined with lights just like in the film - perfect lighting for his stunning Aston Martin DBS, Maserati GranCabrio and Mercedes-Benz SLS, or a Bat-selfie.

Above: a simple, classic mansion. You've seen its type before. But then...


Above: what the..?

Above: you might rccognise Batman's underground garage, right? Well...

Above and below: get a load of this replica of Batman's garage, in Australia!


Without thinking of the monumental figure this project would have cost, we have to say that this “Bat Garage” is pretty damn cool!

Shame there’s no Batmobile or Batcave… or is there?