Too often, in the world of automotive marketing, the term 'all-new' is thrown around without much emphasis on fact.
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'All' is usually very far from the mark, and 'new' isn't much further behind.

So Holden's unequivocal promise this week that the missing SUV in the brand's four-model line up will be all-new - a model yet to be revealed anywhere in the world - is treated with a high level of interest (and maybe a smidge of skepticism).

Destined to slot in above the compact Trax and forthcoming large Acadia models, the new car will be sourced from GM's global portfolio to compete in the medium segment against the likes of Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson and Nissan X-Trail.


But what will it be?

Early favourite is the Chevrolet Equinox which was recently spied testing in Europe (and pictured above). Equinox is also mooted to replace the Opel Antera, which we knew as the Holden Captiva 5.

Another option is a bit more left-field, with an SUV variant of the upcoming Opel Insignia also on the cards. Whether this will be more of a crossover (like a Subaru Outback) than traditional SUV wagon remains to be seen.

Whatever Holden has planned for its next mid-sized SUV, it will likely be another six months to a year before the world gets its first official look. Smart money is on the Geneva motor show in March next year, or the Frankfurt motor show in September.