Hyundai Genesis lessons surprising for brand

Hyundai admits it has learned from and been surprised by some of the challenges and requirements it has faced in selling the Genesis model in Australia.
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Speaking to CarAdvice in Canberra this week, Scott Grant, Hyundai Australia’s chief operating officer said the experience with Genesis so far have been invaluable.

“We’ve learned quite a few things in an eclectic kind of mixtures of thoughts. One of this is that the dealers found it interesting that some of their sales people said that luxury customers are more difficult than people buying an i20 or an Accent, [saying] ‘in the time that I spent with a luxury customer I could’ve sold five i30s',” Grant said.


The separation of Hyundai and Genesis as brands will see different and independent sales and service staff dealing with the models and Genesis customers.

“From a commission point of view it depends how they are incentivised. One minute they are used to selling reasonably quickly. Someone comes in, they have already researched, they know the car, they know what they need, it's pretty simple," Grant said.

"But a luxury customer might come back three times and they might spend a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there and may take the car for the weekend as a test drive, as an example. For many of our dealers, that’s completely new. So our dealers have really been surprised by the different type of customer.”

In addition to the sales experience, Grant admits that its aftersales service for Genesis will also need to improve.

GENESIS_New York Concept 2

“Second point from a customer service and aftersales point of view, these kinds of customers are quite demanding. If they are spending 80k plus, on a motor car, they are expecting a certain level of service and we probably haven’t been geared to provide that level of service internally, so that’s another element from us.”

Hyundai will launch the Genesis brand officially in March 2017, when the current Hyundai Genesis will change to Genesis G80 as part of a model-year update. Later in the year it will be joined by the G70.

Genesis will be sold from 30 specifically chosen Hyundai dealerships. More details on that here.