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On this week's show, Paul Maric joins regular co-host Mandy Turner and the stylish dad James Ward to discuss the latest CarAdvice news and reviews from across the automotive landscape and Australia's new-car market.

As always, expect shenanigans.

What happened in this week's episode?

On the show this week, the team looks at Ford's plan to have driverless cars within five years, the big split within the Supercars racing series, we look at which three countries could be banning combustion engines and fandangled technology from Infiniti.

James has a look at the trusty Toyota Kluger, but his views may surprise you.

Paul chats about his first drive of the new Holden Colorado, which is building to be an important model for Holden in Australia. We also chat with Emily White from Holden in the studio about Holden's local future.

The team also chats with Mike Costello about the latest rumblings from Volkswagen in Australia. And, did anybody guess the secret sound from last week?


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