The Volkswagen Beetle reminds me of my childhood watching Herbi the Love Bug on TV. Most people would have fond memories of the Beetle be it their first car or someone in the family owned one.
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In Germany the Volkswagen Beetle is the most registered car produced before 1979, with 44,540 still driving the streets. The VDA (Automotive Manufacturer's Association in Germany) provided this information:

From 1938 to 1980 15.8 million Beetles were manufactured in Wolfsburg, Emden and Osnabrück. 330,000 of these Beetles were Cabriolets built by Karmann. Volkswagen celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the topless bug in 2009, the Cabriolet was produced till 1980 while the production of the Beetle Saloon stopped back in 1978.


A total of 21,529,464 Beetles came off the production line worldwide, and all five continents manufactured them. Each year saw new upgrades added and by the early 1970s the model had replaced the Ford Model-T as the most produced car of the world.

The last Beetle was manufactured in 2003 at the plant in Mexico.

by Adam Marshall