The Volkswagen Tiguan XL has been spied completely undisguised in Germany.
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Almost two months ago we got out first look at undisguised versions of the long wheelbase second-generation Tiguan. Snapped at one of the company's factories in China, those photos were grainy, low resolution and shot from a limited number of angles.

These latest photos clearly show the extra centimetres grafted onto the car's wheelbase with the Tiguan, as the rear doors on the stretched soft-roader now dwarf the front pair. Reports indicate that the wheelbase will be 110mm longer than the standard car.


In order to accommodate a third row of seats, the body work aft of the rear axle has been lengthened too. Although the tail-lights and tailgate seem to be carried over from the five-seat Tiguan, the LWB car does have a larger rear quarter window that sweeps upwards from the C-pillar.

In terms of drivetrain offerings, the Tiguan XL is expected to largely mirror that of its short wheelbase sibling, meaning a selection of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.


In April, Volkswagen Australia’s managing director, Michael Bartsch, told CarAdvice that the local arm was “planning to have the seven-seat” version.


While the new Tiguan XL will be produced in China, the majority of export models will be sourced from Mexico. Mexico-made long wheelbase Tiguans are expected to start entering North American showrooms from early 2017.

This means that any local debut probably won't happen until the middle of 2017, at the earliest.