Spanish manufacturer Seat has become the first auto manufacturer to release an app specifically for Apple CarPlay.
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Developed in-house, the Seat DriveApp allows customers to view full vehicle-status data, including scheduled maintenance and tyre pressure, along with a dealer finder. More features and services will be added over the next few weeks.

Before now, and as is the case for all other manufacturers, using Apple CarPlay meant that Seat customers couldn’t access vehicle data not already offered in the smaller multi-information display found in the instrument clusters of many new models. Now, owners can simply tap the DriveApp icon in CarPlay to bring up relevant information.

DriveApp is already available in the company’s home market of Spain and will be made available in all of the other markets in the coming weeks - which doesn’t include Australia.

While the company has previously toyed with the idea of returning to the Australian market - back in 2014 Seat’s CEO told CarAdvice making a return Down Under was a long-term goal - no official confirmation has been given as to whether the Spanish marque will come to Australia, let alone when.

“We are investigating and analysing opportunities in China, and once we’re in the region obviously we’ll look into Australia as well,” he said.

Seat could serve here as a more sporting alternative in the local Volkswagen Group line-up, with Skoda pitched as a practical brand while Seat focuses more on edgy styling and sporty image.

Even though Seat isn't currently available in Australia - along with its new CarPlay app - it’s possible we could soon see a similar offering from the wider Volkswagen family (including Audi, Skoda and Porsche) in Australia in the near future.

In addition, the Spanish brand’s app should spark a flood of CarPlay-compatible software from other automakers, meaning it shouldn’t be long until Australian motorists have access to similar technology.

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