Chrysler gets a new logo, Dodge to follow suit

It's not everyday that a car manufacturer gets a new badge, but as Chrysler tries to reinvent itself, this new emblem symbolises what will hopefully be a promising fresh start for the American stalwart.
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This grainy drawing from the US Patent and Trademark Office depicts a winged logo that draws on the company’s traditional branding.

The original winged Chrysler logo featured a more abstract design, while the logo of the late 90s was more similar to this latest treatment. The winged look was scrapped by Cerberus after it acquired Chrysler from Daimler.

The new logo loses Chrysler’s corporate pentastar and the traditional wax seal with a ribbon. The word ‘Chrysler’ is simply embossed in the middle of the wings.

An official unveiling of the badge is due tomorrow when Dodge is also expected to announce its new logo design.