If the 2016 Ford Focus RS isn't ‘hot’ enough for you, British tuning firm Mountune has you covered with its latest ‘Phase 2’ performance package for the blue halo’s hyper hatch.
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With the new upgrades, the Mountune-enhanced Focus RS gains 18kW/40Nm for new figures of 276kW and 500Nm - and can sprint from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds, 0.2 seconds quicker than the ‘standard’ car. The 266km/h top speed remains unchanged.

Achieving the boost is a new high-performance air filter, bespoke alloy crossover duct with high-performance silicone hoses, an upgraded recirculation valve and revised software tuning for the car’s engine control unit (ECU).

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Mountune’s upgrades will also be covered by Ford’s factory warranty in the UK and US markets, while kits fitted after-sale will be backed by the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty or add an extra 12 months/20,000km.

Priced at £899 ($1545), the Mountune ‘Phase 2’ performance package is available to order now in the UK, and takes around 90 minutes to install.



In May, Wes Sherwood, communications director at the company’s local arm, said Ford is always looking for ways to offer more to both its range and its customers - hinting that such an upgrade could be made available in the future.

Huge demand for the Ford hyper hatch at launch has pushed waiting lists well into 2017, which could see the company hold off on offering the Mountune upgrades until demand eases.

Mountune kits are already offered locally for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST hot hatches. You can read our review of the Fiesta ST Mountune MP215 here.

Update: Damion Smy, product communications manager at Ford Australia, said the brand has no plans to introduce the Mountune pack for the Focus RS at the moment.

"We haven't locked it down for [the] RS," he said, but didn't rule out the chances of it being offered in the future.

Smy said the Phase 2 upgrade could join the line-up at some stage, but for now it will not be offered to Australian customers