Formula One Abu Dhabi

By all accounts Abu Dhabi has proved a popular race venue for the Formula One teams and spectators alike.
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The spanking new Yas Marina Circuit, looking more like a theme park at night than a Formula One venue is certainly a spectacular site.

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Red Bull must be delighted with their stunning one-two victory in the inaugural race, with our own Mark Webber scoring yet another podium finish.


Most of the twenty drivers were praiseworthy of the track, while there was little, if any, criticism.


Williams’s driver Nico Rosberg said, “…I think they have done a very good job and it is an interesting track and every corner is unique”.

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Force India driver has similar things to say about the circuit and said it was better than Singapore. “I think it is better than Singapore for sure. He said, “Singapore is too light, it is too bright and you don’t have the feeling of a night race”.

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“Here there is definitely enough light – you really see the track clearly – and it is nice. Driving into the sunset was quite cool with the sun there. It was a good feeling”.

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One or two drivers did express concern with the underground section of the pit exit being too narrow, but there were no incidents during race weekend.