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This week, it's Mandy Turner at the helm, joined by specialist sidekick Mike Stevens to discuss the latest CarAdvice news and reviews from across the automotive landscape and Australia's new-car market.

As always, expect shenanigans.

What happened in this week's episode?

In the news this week, Australian pricing for Honda's all-new NSX superhero was revealed, and damn it's expensive. Thankfully, Alborz drove it, and he says it's an exceptional thing.

The incoming new Tesla Model X was also priced for Australia, and it too is rather expensive.

Elsewhere, Ford confirmed that its overseas Edge SUV will come to Australia - in the far-off future of 2018 - and the local Ford Everest SUV will pick up a five-seat option in the much nearer future. One update we won't see anytime soon, though, is to the Falcon Ute. Its days are over, with production ending last week.

Matt Campbell lays out seven sweet but slow-selling cars you should consider buying, and Anthony Crawford calls in to tell us about his drive of the new Aston Martin DB11 in Italy. Some folks have all the luck...

Tegan Lawson gets on the phone to chat about her road trip in the Ferrari California T, and Ford Asia Pacific's Emily Lai talks with the gang on the colour and material design of some of Ford's best cars.

We wrap the show up with another run at our new What Am I? guessing game (want to win some swag? Get on it!), and a rundown on how you can win a $50 fuel card.

Oh, and something about a bloke towing a rusty old trailer with a Lamborghini Murcielago...


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