Elon Musk, Tesla's outspoken CEO, has once again taken to Twitter to make some product roadmap announcements, stating on the social media service: "Model Y (compact SUV) off Model 3 chassis. Tesla Bus/Minibus/Spacebus off Model X."
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The Model Y name would complete the 'Model' naming scheme, which Musk had initially envisioned as spelling SEXY once the Model S, Model E, Model X and Model Y were all launched.

Ford, effectively, kiboshed that plan as it still owns the trademark for the Model E nameplate, forcing the startup automaker to adopt the Model 3 name for its BMW 3 Series competitor.


Above: Tesla Model X and its problematic falcon wing doors.

The new Tesla minibus was hinted at when, last month, Musk announced part two of the company's master plan. In another tweet, Musk claimed that the Tesla minibus' "people density potential is surprisingly high".

Given the teething problems experienced by the Model X's complex falcon wing doors, it's unlikely that either of these vehicles will feature this piece of design 'hubris'.

It's unknown when the Model Y or minibus might appear as fully fledged showroom-ready vehicles, as the company has its hands full at the moment.

Along with its partner Panasonic, Tesla recently inaugurated the Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada. It is also seeking to dramatically ramp up its car production capability, with just under 400,000 deposits already taken so far for the Model 3.

The Model 3 is due to enter "full production" in 2018, not longer after the Gigafactory is scheduled to begin producing battery packs in large quantities.