The Apple Car, although still little more than the subject of unconfirmed reports and rumours, sure seems like a going thing.
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Fuelling talk of a fruit-branded automobile, a new report suggests Apple has appointed the hardware chief for its popular iPad, Bob Mansfield, to oversee the four-wheeled project.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the man who was in charge of engineering the hardware for the iMac, iPad and MacBook Air is now in charge of Project Titan - believed to be the codename for a top-secret Apple car project.

Citing unnamed sources “familiar with the matter”, the report claims that the team working on Project Titan are now reporting to Mansfield.

While Apple has never announced it is working on a car, the Cupertino-based tech giant is known to have employed numerous experts in the automotive industry, along with specialists in battery technology and autonomous driving.


While early reports speculated the 'Apple Car' would be ready for release in 2019, a new article with Time suggests progress has been delayed and the vehicle has been pushed back to 2021.

Meanwhile, last October, Apple CEO Tim Cook told audiences at a Wall Street Journal Digital Live event the automotive industry is ready “for massive change, not just an evolutionary change”, doing little to deflect rumours that the company is working on its first four-wheeled product.

At the event, Cook added that in the short term, the company hopes to provide people with an “iPhone experience in their car”.

As with its iPhones and iPads, the company is unlikely to announce many, if any, details about its car before its launch. Those wanting to know what the car might look like will have to take a similar approach to pre-launch i-gadgets - constantly check the internet for component leaks from the factory and suppliers.