Ford's Fiesta ECOnetic is Australia's most fuel efficient car, consuming 98 litres of fuel on the 3147km trip from Darwin to Adelaide for the Global Green Challenge.
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This result rates the Fiesta ECOnetic as the most fuel efficient of all entrants in the Global Green Challenge, and the most economical through the entire event.

The Fiesta averaged 3.1L/100km and was the only vehicle to use less than 100 litres of fuel. Going one step further the Fiesta broke through the sub 3.0 litre mark achieving 2.9L/100km, this was for the Alice Springs to Cooper Pedy nine hour drive.


The Fiesta's CO2 emissions rated 84.47g/km which is better than the petroal/electric hybrid in the real world.

“There are many different category winners in this event and the Fiesta ECOnetic is one of them, winning the diesel light car class,” said Ford's Team Manager Justin Lacey.“However, only one vehicle can claim to have used the least fuel overall and to officially achieve the best fuel economy of any vehicle in the Challenge. Fiesta ECOnetic has done just that through a combination of clever engineering and appropriate driving styles.“With a driveaway price of only $24,990, the Fiesta ECOnetic proves that it is possible to have a vehicle that leads the industry in terms of fuel economy but is also affordable, while also offering a full range of technology benefits and creature comforts, such as Voice Control, Bluetooth, and iPod connectivity."

The Falcon XR6 Turbo also had outstanding fuel economy proving you can have performance as well as fuel economy. Wining its class in the Global Green Challenge averaging a fuel consumption of only 7.0L/100km, this being 39.8 per cent less than its official ADR fuel figure.

“The Falcon’s result disproves the notion that large performance cars can’t be economical too,” said Mr Lacey.“Its final fuel figure is on a par with many smaller, 4-cylinder cars - which proves that you really can have your cake and eat it too.”