HSV Maloo wins Global Green Car Challenge

An unlikely winner has taken out the 2009 Global Green Car Challenge with the new HSV E Series 2 Maloo claiming top honours by achieving a 48.76 per cent reduction in fuel consumption when compared to its fuel rating label figure.
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Over the entire trip, the Maloo had a combined average fuel consumption of 7.74 litres per 100 kilometres, representing the largest improvement over the manufacturers indicated fuel figure.

Its nearest competitor made a 39.81 per cent improvement, while the third-placed vehicle improved its consumption rating by 33.5 per cent.


The winning team, comprising Senior HSV Engineers Gerry Bechet and Leigh Russell and motoring journalist Joshua Dowling, credit their success to consistent driving and willingness to put up with difficult cabin conditions.

“For instance we kept air-conditioning use to an absolute minimum, which meant coping with cabin temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius for hours on end,” Gerry Bechet said.

Although this result does not make the Maloo the most frugal competitor in the Global Green Car Challenge fleet, only the vehicle to improve upon its fuel consumption rating by the biggest margin - a rather dubious method to crown a champion.


Nevertheless, Managing Director of HSV Phil Harding congratulated the team on their result, adding that "the real world fuel efficiency of the Holden Special Vehicles range is extremely competitive.”

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