Ford Attacks Holden over Korean cars

Holden has so far escaped media outrage over importing cheap Korean cars, with the company's small, medium and SUV vehicles directly sourced from GM Daewoo in Korea, Holden has managed to maintain their "Holden means a lot to Australia" image.
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Being arch rivals, Ford Australia isn't all too happy about this, having stayed true to their promise of well built and safe cars, Ford has refused to go down the Korean path. Ford Australia president Tom Gorman recently spoke out against Holden over the company's Korean sourced vehicles.

"In a year that they have a whole new product and a bunch of Daewoos to push, their share is down by almost a full percentage point,” Mr Gorman said.

Currently Holden imports four Korean sourced vehicles, the Holden Barina, Captiva, Epica and Viva. Ford Australia currently only imports European sourced vehicles, a strategy that Holden's ex-CEO Denny Mooney reversed for Holden in his early days on the job.

“...their (Holden) market share is still down significantly and a lot of that is off the back of their small-car portfolio not doing as well as you would have thought and frankly some of their other products.” Mr Gorman said.

Will the new Holden CEO Chris Gubbey change Holden's strategy and revert back to European built Opels? Or has his previous occupation as Executive Vice President of Shanghai General Motors only warmed him up to Chinese cars?