Chery Goes To Iran

Remember Chery? The Chinese car manufacturer that is set to produce Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles in China, as well as already working with the Chrysler group? Still don't remember? Maybe this video will jog your memory.
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Expanding its market share in Asia, Chery has announced plans to setup shop in Iran, yes, George Bush's favourite Axis of evil. The Chinese manufacturer is set to invest over $370 Million USD in Babol, Iran to sell more cars to the Asian market.

Iran Flag

The Iranians will build the Chery S21 sedan (QQ6) by initially assembling the cars out of kits imported from China.

With Chinese cars not doing so well in Europe, Chinese manufacturers have decided to target countries with lower expectations for now. When will we see the first Chery in Australia? We don't want to think about that.