Although details are scarce, rumours today tell us Korean cousins Hyundai and Kia have teamed up with Korean Electric Power Company in order to develop a special EV battery charging system for its upcoming electric models.
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The vehicle will be developed jointly between the two vehicle manufacturers while the state-run power company develops charging systems and infrastructure.

Last month Hyundai unveiled a plug-in version of its i10 model at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The i10 EV is now the most likely candidate for the newly arranged joint venture.

The i10 EV uses a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and is capable of 135km/h while traveling up to 160km on a single charge.

Korean Electric Power Company has also agreed to help with the distribution of the car upon release by likely bundling the EV with its charging system.

A production version of the i10 EV is expected in early 2011.