A small batch of Infiniti's 2012-2013 M35 hybrid sedan, later renamed Q70, has been recalled in Australia over concerns a water pump could fail.
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The car maker reports that a fault in the electric pump, which forms part of the hybrid drive powertrain's cooling system, could lead the device to fail. If this occurs, water temperature may rise and a protection control could kick in to stop the engine and traction motor.

The report adds that a warning lamp will illuminate in the dash, giving drivers a signal that attention is needed.


Infiniti says that 16 vehicles built between June 2012 and October 2013 may be affected by this recall, found in the VIN range N1BEAY51A0150004 to JN1BEAY51A0170005.

The company has confirmed it will contact the owners of affected vehicles to have the hybrid powertrain control modules reprogrammed "with revised protection logic".

Infiniti Australia sold 21 M models in 2012, and 42 in 2013. The vehicle relaunched as the Q70 in 2014, bringing revised styling and features along with it.