A team of former Apple engineers and designers have created the Pearl RearVision - turning your number plate frame and smartphone into a rear-view camera system. For now, however, it's available only in the United States.
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Pearl’s first product is a wireless camera system that links to your smartphone, bringing older cars up-to-date with high-definition rear vision, along with audible and visual alerts when an obstacle is in your path.

The cover takes a few minutes to install and looks like most number plate frames, however the RearVision features two high-definition cameras on the top edge, and a solar panel on the lower edge.

pearl_rearvision - solar

Having the solar panel on the unit means no wiring and no drilling is required to set the system up.

An adapter plugs into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port underneath the steering wheel, wirelessly pairing the camera frame to the Pearl app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Pearl RearVision frame comes with a magnetic phone mount that attaches to the front air vents or on the dash. Phones can be set in portrait or landscape, and the camera angle is adjustable to give the best view of your surroundings.


Unfortunately for Australian motorists, the Pearl RearVision camera system is currently exclusive to the USA.

American customers can pre-order the Pearl RearVision now for US$499.99 ($655).

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