As any model does, the all-new Bentley Bentayga has found its share of detractors when it comes to styling. But, the thing is, so did the bold and vaguely retro-futuristic EXP 9F concept that came before it.
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Indeed, back in 2012, reports out of Europe suggested that sources within Bentley had conceded that the EXP 9F's styling was "a little heavy-handed", moving the marque's designers to return to the drawing board.

The decidedly less box-like and more sporting lines of the Bentayga can be seen as a response to the original concept's less-than-favourable reception. While the EXP 9F was clearly intended to shift the classic Bentley angles into the SUV world, it also wore a bold evolution of the brand's iconic details that did not go over well on the motor-show circuit.

So, which did it better? Has the relatively straight-forward and more sports-like styling of the Bentayga done the trick, or, in retrospect, is the EXP 9F the more loyal design?

Check out the comparison images below, and tell us your thoughts in the comments!



Above: EXP 9F top, Bentayga bottom



Above: EXP 9F top, Bentayga bottom



Above: EXP 9F top, Bentayga bottom



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