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This week, Paul Maric and Mandy Turner are joined again by senior editor Mike Costello to discuss the latest CarAdvice news and reviews from across the automotive landscape and Australia's new-car market.

As always, expect shenanigans.

What happened in this week's episode?

In the news this week, the Northern Territory has announced an extension to its open speed-limit program and explore opportunities to grow it further.

At the other corner of the country, the first of Honda's new NSX supercars touched down in Melbourne - and it won't be cheap.

American pickup company Ram Trucks is now in full-swing in Australia, thanks to the local American Special Vehicles partnership. CarAdvice took a tour of the company's facility - is it up to scratch?

Aston Martin revealed the new AM-RB 001 supercar it's been quietly developing with Red Bull Racing, and Top Gear host Chris Evans is now former Top Gear host Chris Evans.

Elsewhere in the news, Japan has made mirrorless vehicles legal thanks to advancements in camera technology, and Costello runs us through Australia's new-car sales figures for the first half of 2016.

Driver Dynamics founder Kevin Flynn calls in to talk road safety and the benefits of defensive driver training.

On the reviews front, Mike talks about the new Volvo S90 sedan and V90 wagon that he drove recently in Europe. He also fills us in on a chat with Volvo executive Anne-Cathrine Thore Olsson on the company's commitment to responsibility for the behaviour of its future autonomous vehicles.

And, as is now tradition, we highlight a few 'what the' reader comments. Because if you can't single out the odd units on-air, what's the point of wielding all this power?

We hope you enjoy the show, and please feel free to leave some feedback below!

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