BMW tuner Alpina in Australia by November

The long-mooted introduction of BMW tuner Alpina to the Australian market was confirmed today, with the ADR-certified, 4 Series-based B4 Bi-Turbo launching in November.
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As you can read here, 50-year old Alpina has long been on the radar as Australia, as a sports-luxury yin to the BMW M Division’s hardcore performance yang.

Considering the booming sales of BMW M, Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport in Australia, it should come as no surprise.

Unlike the factory-backed M Division, Alpina is not a BMW subsidiary, though its processes are integrated into the same production lines. Alpina is recognised by the German Ministry of Transport as an automobile manufacturer in its own right.


Thus, the Alpina brand will be imported separately, though with BMW Australia's blessing. The Bavarian company’s wares will be distributed in Australia by the In Motion Group, trading as Alpina Automobiles — Australia.

Alpina cars will initially be available through the group’s Doncaster and Bundoora locations in Melbourne. Initially, eight examples of the car will arrive in November to be used as demonstrators.

In Motion wants national coverage, and plans to announce locations in other states before the end of 2016. Scheduled servicing will be carried out by Alpina Automobiles — Australia and its dealer network (as appointed).

In time, the In Motion Group will also offer the B4 Bi-Turbo Convertible, and B3 Bi-Turbo sedan and Touring models, all of which are currently undergoing ADR compliance, and will have one of each available to view and test-drive in Doncaster from November.

Alpina 3

Given the bespoke nature of the Alpina models and the vast array of interior trim and material options, all customer cars will be built to order.

All BMW Alpina cars undergo significant modifications to the exterior, interior, drivetrain, chassis and suspension, exhaust and auxiliary components to create bespoke cars that mix “enhanced performance” with “tailored luxury”.

The BMW 4 Series-based Alpina F32 B4 Bi-Turbo sports a 3.0-litre force-fed six with 301kW/600Nm on tap — pitching it between the 225kW BMW 435i and 317kW M4. The claimed 0-100km/h sprint time is a sprightly 4.2 seconds.

The company says it made a record 1700 units last year, so it’s very small. Expect around 50 units a year or so to make it to Australia, based on our previous talks with the company.


BMW Australia has given its blessing to the move to launch Alpina here.

“Alpina has a long history of producing tailored cars based on BMW models and we welcome their presence in the Australian market,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Marc Werner.

We will bring you Alpina pricing when we have it, and try to get behind the wheel soon.