British company Lanzante has revealed the McLaren P1 LM, a road-going version of the extra-hyper McLaren P1 GTR track special.
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Following reports last year that it would create a version of the P1 GTR for the road, Lanzante has finally come through with a street-legal vehicle that wears a race-ready look.

The LM name pays tribute to the iconic McLaren F1 LM, itself a super-exclusive road-going version of the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR racer.


Above: The McLaren F1 GTR alongside the P1 GTR

Founded by Paul Lanzante, the British firm has retuned the stonking 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain from the P1 GTR to run on 99-octane fuel, and then increased the boost to match the track car’s 986-horsepower (735kW) output.

Lanzante has also fitted new front and rear spoilers to increase downforce, a road-specification wheel and tyre package, Alcantara-trimmed cockpit, along with a new steering wheel inspired by the one used by Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren MP4-23 Formula One car.


Adding to the road-spec conversions, the British company also stripped nearly 60 kilograms from the GTR’s kerb weight - which was already 50kg lighter than the ‘standard’ P1 - by fitting a new exhaust system, tossing out the air-jack system and replacing the glass windows with plastic ones.

Other features of the P1 LM include gold-plated heat shielding (just like the McLaren F1) air-conditioning, orange Alcantara seat inserts and even more carbon-fibre - the roof is finished in fully-exposed carbon-fibre.


Buyers of the super-limited run of P1 LMs will also receive an engine diagnostics tablet computer, a tailored car cover, battery charging system, a mini-me 1:8 scale model of their car, and a framed picture.

Starting at 2.95 million pounds ($5.7 million) before taxes, the Lanzante McLaren P1 LM is not only hyper-expensive but also hyper-exclusive - limited to just six units, like its F1 LM ancestor.