Update - VIN ranges for affected Q50s have been released, see article for details
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Infiniti Australia has issued a recall for 310 vehicles from its Q50 sedan line over concerns the car’s Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) system could fail.

Launched with the Q50 in 2013, Infiniti’s DAS system is a steer-by-wire system which electronically transfers the driver’s input to the front wheels where a high-response actuator drives the steering rack. This, the car maker says, makes for faster steering response than with most conventional systems.

The manufacturer reports that a combination of “low battery voltage at engine start-up combined with an initial large parking angle” (parked with the front wheels turned), could lead the system to miscalculate the steering ratio, leading to a lack of steering response and changed turning radius.


Infiniti says that this increase in turning radius may pose an accident hazard.

Affected Q50 sedans were built between November 2013 and November 2015, with a total of 310 vehicles recalled, falling within the VIN ranges JN1B**V37A030007 - JN1B**V37A0360002.

Owners of the affected cars will be advised to contact their nearest Infiniti dealer to arrange for the reprogramming of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the DAS system. The recall work will come at no cost to customers.

For more information customers can contact the Infiniti customer service centre on 1800 241 193.