Nissan Australia is recalling three examples of its current-generation R52 Pathfinder SUV after it was discovered the vehicle’s stop-lamp switch may have been installed incorrectly during assembly.
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The car maker reports that the stop-lamp switch in affected vehicles may become faulty over time, which could cause the stop lights to remain illuminated even if the brakes are not applied.

The brake-shift interlock function may also be affected, which means that if the gear selector is moved out of ‘park’, or if the engine is started - in both cases without depressing the brake pedal - it could result in an accident.

The affected vehicles were built in May 2013 and have VINs: 5N1ARXXXXXX600008, 5N1ARXXXXXX600009 and 5N1ARXXXXXX600010.

Nissan Australia is asking owners of affected vehicles to contact their Nissan dealer to arrange repairs. Customer can find out more by contacting the Nissan Australia Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 035 035.