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Nissan stand at Tokyo Motor Show

Sticking with the Green theme, Nissan have, with its alliance partner Renault, displayed its commitment to sustainable motoring showcasing its LEAF zero-emissions concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show this afternoon.
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LEAF is a pure electric vehicle that is charged from a regular domestic power outlet and will be introduced globally from the second half of the 2010 fiscal year as the world's first mass-produced EV.

It boasts a range of more than 160km on a full charge which is suitable for most daily needs and feature an integrated IT system developed specifically for zero-emissions mobility.


The Land Glider Concept has also made its first public debut; an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight EV which Nissan claims has the potential to become a new means of transportation in urban areas.

It should be pleasantly entertaining to drive, as its name suggests, with the entire car leaning through corners to shift its centre of gravity.


The Fuga, Nissan's top-of-the-line sedan for Japan also made an appearance, emulating the brand's focussed dynamics by employing a front-engine/rear-drive layout.

Initial details for the Fuga promise numerous "world's first" technologies and will include a hybrid version which pursues both the "fun of manoeuvring at will" and fuel economy of a compact car.


Another concept from Nissan which has carved out its own niche is the Qazana five-door compact sport crossover whose design has been inspired by images of beach buggies and motorcycles.

Perhaps the most relevant debut for most consumers would have been the introduction of Nissan's next-generation XTRONIC continuously variable transmission (CVT).


This new transmission achieves a world-best change gear ratio range of 7.3, which is more than 20 per cent better compared to conventional CVT of the same class.

The length and weight of the unit has been reduced by 10 and 13 per cent respectively, with efficiency improved by reducing friction by 30 per cent through reduction of oil agitation resistance and others.

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