The last couple months have seen an avalanche of Porsche Panamera spy photos sweep the internet, but with this latest set we can see the second-generation model in almost all of its production glory.
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Whereas previous Panamera prototypes have been painted black and fitted with tape over certain design elements, these latest cars, in their red and white paint jobs, are practically camouflage-free.

Up front, the only bits of disguise are printouts pasted over the headlights, which serve to partially obscure their internals. Behind the camouflage we can see that the headlight graphics resemble those of the 2012 Sport Turismo concept with four main LED pods on each side.


At the rear, the pop-up spoiler on the red car and the underlying garnish piece are taped up. Flanking this are stickers imitating the current's tail-lamp units, and which successfully disguise the newer, more slim-line units.

Under the skin, the new Panamera will be the first car to use the MSB component set for front-engine rear- and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Developed by Porsche for use across the Volkswagen Group, the modular architecture will also be used for the next-generation Bentley Continental.

As with all modern platform sets, MSB will incorporate a range of lightweight materials, including aluminium and high-strength steel. The new Panamera is expected to weigh around 100 kilograms less than today's car, boosting performance, dynamics and fuel economy.


A variety of turbocharged V6 and V8 petrol engines will be used under the bonnet of the Panamera, with plug-in hybrid and diesel options also available. While the first-generation Panamera was only offered as a five-door hatch, the new model should gain a 'shooting brake' wagon variant down the track.

Given the near-absence of camouflage on these pre-production cars, it's possible that the new Panamera will debut well before the Paris motor show, which is due to kick off at the beginning of October. Australian sales aren't expected to start until some time in 2017.