The upcoming 2017 Audi Q2 sub-compact SUV will be a carefully considered expansion and yet a huge opportunity for Audi Australia to attract new buyers to the brand, according to the company’s local boss.
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Speaking with CarAdvice at the launch of the new Audi R8 in Canberra last week, Audi Australia boss, Andrew Doyle, said the company views the Q2 as a natural step for its growing SUV line-up.

“We are absolutely ecstatic about this car coming to Australia, it's going to be a huge opportunity for us - the Australian market place has a love affair with SUVs.

"As a company, we have been blessed to have so many great SUVs, starting with the Q7, adding the Q5 on top of that, then the Q3 and now the Q2 on top of that,” Doyle said.

Audi Q2

Although Audi already sells the Q3 small SUV, Doyle believes the Q2 will complement the previous additions of Q cars and not take sales away from existing models.

“Clearly what we’ve shown over the time is two things: one is the Australian love affair with SUVs and two is that we can add additional products without cannibalising the products that came before it - which is a really strong message and we believe that the Q2 will another step in that direction.”

Most importantly, perhaps, is that the Q2 will provide another entry point alongside the light A1 for the German brand. Audi’s primary competitors, BMW and Mercedes-Benz do not offer a car in the light-car segment, giving Audi a huge first-mover advantage.

“The car is positioned obviously below Q3 in terms of size and we believe that will open a whole new market for us to those that may not have previously considered an Audi in the SUV space," Doyle said.

"If you look at the market, there is a quite a large number of consumers or previous sales in that area.”

Audi Q2

Doyle believes the Q2 should do as well as or better than the Q3 (averaging 340 sales per month so far in 2016), but as for the price?

“Certainly in terms of a price position it will be an attractive entry point and that’s very exciting for us because we believe we can bring people into the Audi brand outside of other brands and options, and then offer them a product lifecycle through the Audi brand.

"With more than 45 models now offered we have plenty of opportunities.”

The Audi Q2 arrives in Australia late this year.