Hyundai has a new R series turbo diesel engine which is being released in the new 2010 Santa Fe seven seat SUV. To promote it’s release Hyundai will be entering two Santa Fe’s in the Global Green Challenge 2009.
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The new Diesel engine with the six-speed manual gearbox offers 32 percent more power as well as a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption and green house gas emissions.

The Global Green Challenge, which runs from Darwin to Adelaide this month will showcase the cars abilities to cope with the harsh Australian outback over the 3,027 km journey. The journey begins on the 24th October and the car will be released before the end of the year.


The suspension set up in the new Santa Fe has been changed to deal with Australian roads, improving handling and a six-speed automatic gearbox on the options list that helps with economy.

Hyundai will demonstrate how significant fuel economy savings can be made by driving a latest generation AWD seven-seat SUV,” said Kevin McCann, Sales and Marketing Director of Hyundai Motor Company Australia. “It will be a real world test – no wing mirrors folded flat or anything like that – and will show owners how much they can save in terms of both fuel costs and reduced emissions by driving the latest generation Santa Fe.”

One of the Santa Fes will be piloted by no other than CarAdvice editor John Cadogan.

The Hyundai i30 CRDi competed in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge in 2007. This challenge was also between Darwin and Adelaide where the car achieved and average fuel consumption figure of 3.2L/100km.

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