The never-ending Takata airbag recall has spiralled ever further with an additional 12 million vehicles added to the US database.
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Among the latest round of recalls, Honda has issued notice on 4.5 million cars, and Fiat Chrysler has recalled 4.3m. The new recall is focused on passenger-side airbag inflators, according to Reuters.

The safety campaigns in the US are part of the huge recall expansion disclosed earlier this month requiring 17 car companies to recall about 40 million additional airbag inflators by 2019, taking to total number of airbags inflators recalled in the US alone to 70 million.

Japanese officials, meanwhile, ordered car-makers to recall up to seven million more vehicles with the problematic airbags, bringing the total there to 19.6 million. Japan’s recall, to be carried out in phases, must be completed by the end of March 2019, according the the Wall Street Journal.

In Australia, the total of affected vehicles stands at around a million. And counting. Read our running story on that recall here.

Such is the scale of the Takata recall, authorities are requiring the replacement airbag components be rolled out progressively. Takata simply can’t make them fast enough to do otherwise.

Takata inflators can explode with too much force and spray metal shrapnel into vehicle passenger compartments. The defective airbag inflators have been linked to at least 13 deaths and more than 100 injuries worldwide.