It will surprise few to learn that the 2016 allocation of just 300 BMW M2 coupes for Australia was quickly exhausted.
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Orders flew out the door so quickly, BMW says, that many who missed out were spending up for an M3 or M4 rather than wait around for next year's deliveries.

A clever strategy to boost sales of its more expensive M cars? Perhaps, but you can hardly begrudge a business acting like a business. Of course, the official word - and it's as easy to believe - is that intense global demand has kept Australia from enjoying a bigger slice.

"We know there is more market potential for it, but the whole world wants more M2s at the moment… We are constantly asking Munich for more cars," BMW Australia product planning chief Shawn Ticehurst told CarAdvice at the 272kW M2's local launch in April.

65 - 2 - Weldborough - JL-3 BMW M2

There's good news this week for those that either couldn't afford the $50,000 step up to the bigger M3 and M4, or simply wanted the M2 and only the M2: there's more coming, soon.

"Up to" 100 extra vehicles have now been secured for Australia, although an exact number has not been revealed.

“Securing these additional vehicles – a supply increase of up to 33 per cent – is a huge achievement for BMW Australia and reflects strong support from the global BMW family," the company's local chief, Marc Werner, said today.

The majority of the additional vehicles are expected to be available by the end of 2016, BMW says.