Italian design house Pininfarina is said to be moving towards producing an electric sports car, according to a new report.
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UK website Autocar claims that Mahindra, the Indian giant that acquired Pininfarina late last year, is looking to the iconic studio and coachbuilder to aid its electric vehicle (EV) plans.

The report suggests that, following Pininfarina’s unveiling of a hydrogen-electric sports car at this year’s Geneva motor show - the H2 Speed, pictured - an electric sports car may not be too far off.


Being actively involved in the Formula E Championship, speculation is growing that Mahindra is moving toward utilising that technology in a road-going sports car, wearing a design by the legendary Pininfarina.

Speaking with Autocar, Mahindra automotive boss Pravin Shah discussed the company's collaboration with Pininfarina, as well as the importance of design.

“Design plays a critical part in designing vehicles in such a way that they are robust yet pollute the least while giving you the thrill that people want in vehicles.

“Mahindra already does critical design and engineering work for manufacturers. We want to provide an ‘art to part’ service, and we can give car makers Pininfarina design as a starting point. It’s a disruptive proposition,” Shah said.


Shah also said that adding Pininfarina to its company framework, will serve to “differentiate itself within the automotive industry”.

Pininfarina has also been instrumental in bringing to life Mahindra’s next-generation of Formula E racers - unveiling three design concepts last month - with the hope the designs will influence the company’s future Formula E contenders.