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This week, Paul Maric and Mandy Turner are joined again by Mike Stevens to explore the news and reviews of the past week. And, as you've come to expect, there's more than a little tomfoolery.

What happened in this week's episode?

Volvo gave us a look at the next step in its styling and technology revolution, unveiling the new '40 Series' concepts that preview the next V40 and the anticipated XC40 SUV.

Melbourne UberX driver Nathan Brenner won a landmark court case last week, with the result essentially forming the groundwork for legalising the service in Victoria.

A number of small new cars in the Indian market were given a zero-star safety rating this month, which begs the question: what's a life worth? The price of these cars suggests it's somewhere around $5000.

BMW unveiled its powerful new M140i hatch and M240i coupe, convertible models this week. With a new turbo six on-board, these small Bimmers are as powerful as their heroic predecessor, the 1 Series M Coupe!

A class action has been launched against Ford in Australia, over concerns that its PowerShift automatic transmission in thousands of older models may be unsafe.

Speaking of automatics: the upcoming next-generation Renault Megane RS has been expected for some time to be an auto-only affair, but Renault says that's exactly what many buyers have asked for. Perhaps the biggest news, though, is that a manual now looks to be on the cards as an option.

James Ward dialled in to tell us about the new Volkswagen Golf GTI that CarAdvice has purchased as a long-term review vehicle and a getabout for our Melbourne office. It joins the Audi S1 that lives at our Sydney office.

We called up Jaguar Land Rover Australia communications manager James Scrimshaw to talk about the incoming new F-Pace SUV and the success of the latest Land and Range Rover offerings.

And did you hear that the Australian Greens want to give five years of free car registration to anyone that buys an electric vehicle? Mike Costello phoned in to tell us all about it.

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