Dodge Challenger coming to Australia?

Yes! Its official the Dodge Challenger is no longer just a concept car! Chrysler Group President and CEO Tom LaSorda has announced that the Dodge Challenger will return to production, in left-hand–drive, after a nearly 35-year hiatus sparking hopes that the muscle car may come to Australia. The all-new Dodge Challenger, will debut in the United States in 2008.
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"We haven’t seen this kind of spontaneous, passionate response to a car since we unveiled the Dodge Viper concept in 1989, but it’s easy to see what people like about the Dodge Challenger. It’s bold, powerful and capable. It’s a modern take on one of the most iconic muscle cars, and sets a new standard for pure ‘pony car’ performance." Chrysler Group President and CEO Tom LaSorda"We’re excited that the Dodge Challenger is a go, We will be putting our hand up for the Challenger, whether or not it will be produced in right-hand-drive remains to be seen, it really depends on demand in other right-hand-drive countries for a solid business case,” said Brad Fitzsimmons, General Manager National Sales, Chrysler Group Australia.

The Chrysler Group is famous for two-door muscle cars in Australia with the success of the Charger in the seventies. The Dodge Challenger will feature the long hood, short deck, wide stance and two-door coupe body style that distinguished the iconic Challengers of the 1970s.

Even though the Challenger hasn't been fully confirmed yet for a Right-Hand Drive version, and an Australian release, things are looking promising. It would be great to see the car down under in 2009.

Dodge Challenger
Dodge Challenger