Renault Kangoo and Trafic recalled

Renault Australia has recalled 11 ‘X61’ Kangoo II and three ‘X82’ Trafic III vans this week.
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The Kangoo recall is due to concerns that the mounting bolts on the rear bench seat backrest could break.

The fault could lead to noise or even detachment of the backrest, which increases the risk of injury to passengers if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop.

Renault Trafic_47

The larger Trafic van is also being recalled for the risk of improper airbag deployment.

Renault reports that the mounting screws for the passenger airbag may be missing, which could lead to improper airbag deployment.

If the airbag doesn’t deploy correctly, this poses a safety risk to passengers during an accident.

Renault Trafic_49

The Kangoo recall affects vans manufactured between 14 May and 1 December 2014, and the Trafic recall involves units produced between 12 November 2009 and 2 September 2014.

Owners of affected Kangoo vans will be notified by Renault to contact their nearest dealer to arrange the inspection and rectification of the two rear bench seat backrest mounting bolts.

Trafic owners meanwhile are urged to contact their local Renault dealer to arrange an inspection of their vehicle for the passenger airbag mounting screws. Any rectification work will be carried out at no cost to the customer.

For more information contact Renault customer service on 1800 009 008.