Subaru STI RWD Coupe rendered speculation

While Toyota's FT-86 Concept has stolen the spotlight in the lead up to its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, Japan's Holiday Auto has had a go at sketching Subaru's sibling to the AE86 successor.
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The rendering shows a potential flagship STI variant which should up the power stakes by employing Subaru's 186kW normally aspirated EJ25 2.5-litre boxer engine.

Although it seems like the most logical next step, any notion of a turbocharged boxer engine finding its way into either of the AE86 derivatives is being avoided for the sake of purity - although not entirely ruled out.

With Subaru providing the platform, much of the design and engineering elements have been borrowed from the WRX STI, including wider front and rear guards to accommodate more rubber and give the car a more aggressive stance.

Unfortunately, Subaru's reputation for controversial design is yet to be redeemed, with spy shots of the actual car floating around the web looking suspiciously like a two-door version of the current Impreza sedan.

Hopefully its resemblance is due to donor panels from the Impreza to disguise the final design, rather than an actual pre-production prototype - because if the latter is the case, Toyota's version is certain to be far more popular.

Insiders expect the Subaru counterpart to appear at next year's Tokyo Motor Show, or shortly after at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Source: Holiday Auto via 7Tune