BMW iNext: autonomous car due in 2021

At the company's annual general meeting, Harold Krueger, BMW's CEO, revealed elements of the product roadmap for its i sub-brand, including an self-driving car to be known as the BMW iNext.
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After launching the updated i3 hatch this year, which sports a new battery capable of a range of around 200 kilometres, the company will unveil the roadster version of the i8 in 2018.

This will be followed by an all-new model, dubbed the BMW iNext, in 2021. Claimed to be the company's "innovation driver", the iNext will feature autonomous driving technology, a new interior concept and lightweight design. It will also be equipped with a electrified drivetrain and digital connectivity.

It's not known if the iNext will resemble the Vision Next 100 concept that the company trotted out for its centenary celebrations.


Above: BMW Vision Next 100.

Commenting on the company's embrace of self-driving technology, Krueger stated: "The discussion about e-mobility is an emotional one, but the decisive factor is that we move things forward. I am certain that government measures will prove effective.

"It is always better to make a decision than to wait — and the purchase incentive will directly benefit customers. There was never any doubt that we would participate. Such a participation by the industry is unique worldwide. After all, the only way to make progress is by manufacturers, customers, lawmakers and society all working together."

The BMW CEO didn't make any reference to plans to offer broadening the i range with an i5 model. Depending on which report and rumour you choose to believe, the i5 is either an SUV, people mover or sedan, and will feature a plug-in hybrid or fuel cell drivetrain.