Mazda will pass duty cut savings on to customers now, three months ahead of the Federal Government planned cuts to the tax.
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The duty on passenger cars, which is currently 10 per cent, will be halved to five per cent right away on all new Mazda purchases which, in some instances, could save buyers up to $2,000.

The saving equates to roughly three per cent of the manufacturer’s list price.


On Mazda 3 for example, the savings are approximately $930. If you’re in the market for an RX-8 the savings are closer to $2,000.

“Introducing the duty cut now delivers a significant saving for new car buyers,” said Mazda Australia managing director, Doug Dickson.

Mazda is hoping the combination of this cut in duty coupled to the Federal Government’s 50 per cent investment allowance will encourage buyers back to the new vehicle market.


By the end of September Mazda had sold 57,695 cars giving them an 8.5 per cent market share and making them Australia’s fourth best selling brand.

Four-wheel drive and light commercial vehicles are not included as they are already charged a five per cent duty.