VACC survey says 28 per cent of cars unsafe

A recent report published by Victoria's peak automotive industry body, the VACC, shows a concerning percentage of cars on the state's roads are unsafe.
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The latest Five Point Safety Check figures show that 28.54 per cent of vehicles on Victorian roads failed a basic safety check during their last service on key safety features such as brakes, tyres, lights, steering and restraints.

Some 3171 cars were assessed during routine servicing at participating VACC repair centres between January 1 and September 30 this year with 905 vehicles failing the Five Point Safety Check.


25 per cent of the vehicles tested had unsafe tyres.

“It is disappointing these figures are so high,” said VACC Executive Director, Mr David Purchase. “VACC believes not enough attention is paid to Vehicle Safety. Motorists, agencies and Governments need to wake up to the fact that too many people are driving too many unsafe vehicles on our roads.“We commend other road and driver safety campaigns, but vehicle maintenance has been overlooked. That is why VACC has started a Vehicle Safety campaign.“But we should not be the lone voice on this issue. Governments and their instrumentalities need to recognise that this evidence is overwhelming. The data is real time data and it deserves real time action.“If something is not done soon the number of unsafe vehicles on our roads will be one-in-three.“With the holiday season on the horizon, VACC urges all motorists to take personal responsibility for their vehicles, including caravans and trailers, and ensure they are well maintained.“A regularly serviced vehicle will give you peace of mind and reduce the risks for you, your passengers and other road users.”