Hyundai Tiburon RWD

More photos of the upcoming rear-wheel-drive Hyundai Tiburon have hit the net. WolrdCarFans has posted images of the Tiburon's rear end.
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From the pictures it's easy to conclude that Hyundai are indeed targeting the Nissan 350z and the new Nissan Skyline. Hyundai recently confirmed the rear-wheel-drive setup for the new Tiburon. Hyundai Australia spokeswoman Justine Fleming had no details to share with CarAdvice on Friday.

Details of the powerplant are still a secret, although reports suggest there will be no V8 engine as previously rumoured. Even so, we strongly believe Hyundai will release a turbocharged variant of the new generation Tiburon.

Check out WorldCarFans for more photos.

Source : Autoblog