is proud to announce the launch today of its first-ever podcast.
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Each week, Paul ‘Trending Now’ Maric and The Correspondent winner Mandy Turner will be joined by another member of the CarAdvice team and surprise guests to talk about the biggest news and our latest reviews.

And, as you’ve come to expect from the team, there will be no shortage of banter - occasionally witty, often inane.

Most importantly, you won’t pay a penny for it. Simply jump onto iTunes, Pocketcasts or Soundcloud (more platforms coming soon) and get subscribed!

Check out the links below to listen in on the first episode, which is live now.

We hope you’ll also leave us a positive review iTunes and help us climb to the top of the charts. No pressure, just sayin’...

New episodes will go live online from every Sunday afternoon, just in time for a lazy listen at the end of your weekend or a fresh start to your Monday morning commute.

Subscribe: iTunes | Pocketcasts (Android, iOS, web) | Soundcloud | Stitcher

You can also view a detailed list and description of episodes at, which you’ll also find under ‘Car News’ in the menu across the top of

What happened in this week's episode?

We hope you enjoy the show, and please feel free to leave some feedback below!

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