It’s not often, in fact, quite rare for technology developed for a road car ends up in a podium scoring racing car.
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That’s exactly what has happened with the Revoknuckle suspension system used by Ford’s acclaimed Focus RS, and it seems to have given the independent Team Aon, the winning edge in this year’s British Touring Car Championship.


This innovative piece of technology modifies the MacPherson Strut front suspension, allowing more power and torque to be handled by the front wheels, while minimising torque steer, which is often associated with performance cars with front wheel drive.


It must be effective, as the their twin Ford Focus ST Racers have scored a pole position and three podiums in what is their debut season.


Driver for Team Aon, Tom Chilton, said: “The car is fantastic to drive, and where competition is so close, it’s important to look for every advantage – these results prove the point”