BMW i3 loan car program axed

Owners of the BMW i3 will no longer be offered the option to access BMW loan cars if they decide to go for a long-distance road trip.
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At the time of the electric city car's launch in 2014, BMW announced a loan-car program for buyers of the i3 that would see those customers able to take advantage of a loan car when they planned to take a longer trip.

That relied upon the notion that the i3 would be the only vehicle that the purchaser possessed, and that hasn't necessarily been the case, according to the brand.

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BMW Australia product communications manager Adam Davis indicated to CarAdvice there wasn't much interest in the loan car program.

"There was a scheme under the ‘Flexibility Mobility’ banner launched with i3, but due to a very low take-up rate globally and little local interest, that program was discontinued; most i3 buyers already had an additional car for such trips anyway," Davis said.

"Individual dealers may offer a loan vehicle to i3 owners, but it would be at that dealer’s discretion in terms of cost, time and distance," he said.

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