Costly options of little re-sale value

Residual value experts Glass's have in a recent UK-based report claimed that some optional extras are of little value on the used car market.
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Glass's say that expensive manufacturer fit options such as radar cruise control can drop 86 per cent of its value over a 12 month period while the car itself may only drop in value by around 40 per cent.

Night vision systems also took a big hit loosing 80 per cent of their original value over the same period.


It's not all bad news however with some aesthetic options actually proving worthwhile, such as factory fitted alloy wheels.

"Investing in a manufacturer-fit styling upgrade is often very worthwhile, as it can return more than 100 per cent of its original cost," says Mr Richard Crosthwaite, Prestige Car Editor at Glass's Guide UK."For example, a one-year-old BMW 325i with an optional M Sport pack is currently worth £3,500 (AUD$6,200) more than a standard 325i of the same age, even though the pack itself would have added only £2,500 (AUD$4,400) to the list price."Opting for 20-inch alloy wheels in preference to the standard-fit 19-inch items on a BMW 330i coupe will add £1,000 (AUD$1,770) to the value of a one-year-old example.”

Other options that retain value include panoramic sunroofs, Bluetooth connectivity, park distance control and some satellite navigation systems.

"Buyers of smaller prestige cars are still willing to pay extra for such options. A one-year-old Audi A3 or BMW 1 Series specified with park distance control, Bluetooth and a sunroof would currently draw a premium of between £500 and £1,000 (AUD$880 and $1770)." added Mr Crosthwaite.