Honda Jazz begins UK production

The first European built Jazz has been driven off the production line at Honda’s factory in Swindon (UK), providing a boost to production volume and underlining the company’s long term commitment to its European operation.
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The five-door Jazz is one of Honda’s most successful cars in Europe, with over 70,000 sold in the region every year. As Honda has a policy of building its most popular cars in the markets in which they are sold, production of Jazz for European customers is shifting from Japan to the UK.

In the current financial year (to end March, 2010) Honda of the UK Manufacturing in Swindon (HUM) will build 20,000 units of Jazz. Seventy-five per cent of these will be for the UK market, with the other 25 per cent planned for export to 55 countries across mainland Europe and other regions, including South Africa.

The addition of Jazz brings the planned total production level for the Swindon plant in this financial year to 100,600 – still well below the plant’s full capacity. Volumes are expected to increase next year due to the new three model production line-up.

“We see this third model as a wonderful opportunity in the current climate and we’re extremely proud to be building the Jazz here in Swindon,” said Mr David Hodgetts, Director at HUM. “The car is incredibly popular with customers, and it has won countless awards for quality and reliability. Shifting production to the UK is a real vote of confidence in all our Associates here in Swindon, and recognition of the high standards which we have been able to achieve at the plant.”

The start of Jazz production comes just 12 months after the decision to make a third model at the Wiltshire manufacturing facility.