The Peugeot 308 hatch familiar to Australian buyers now has a sedan sibling, but we won’t see it in local showrooms.
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Unveiled at this week’s Beijing motor show, the new 308 sedan has been developed exclusively for the Chinese market as a joint venture between Peugeot and its local manufacturing partner, Dongfeng.

The new sedan’s front half styling is closely related to the global 308 hatch model, although this new model wears a unique front bumper design that may also preview a coming update to the five-door model’s look.


It’s a new recipe for the rear-end, though, with the now hugely popular coupe-like roofline style tapering down to a short rear deck, while at the very back there is a gloss-black panel between the black-backed LED tail lamps.

This lighting treatment could likewise preview an update to the 308 hatch.


As with most China-market versions of global sedans, this new 308 offering rides on a longer wheelbase, developed to satisfy the local preference for extra space in the back row.

Full details on China’s new 308 sedan are still to come, although Peugeot has confirmed it is built on the same EMP2 architecture that underpins the global hatch.

The company also revealed a styling update for the 3008 in Beijing, but, as with the 308 sedan, this model will be offered in China only.


An all-new and more distinctly SUV-styled 3008 has been spied testing in recent weeks, and a global unveiling is expected to occur later this year.

With that model likely to hit Australia sometime in 2017, it's little surprise that this week's facelift will not be coming to local showrooms.


Speaking with CarAdvice today, Peugeot Australia communications manager Tyson Bowen confirmed that neither model is under consideration for Australia, being models developed specifically for the Chinese market with local partner Dongfeng.

Bowen said that the 308 sedan's unique touches could be seen as a preview of Peugeot's future styling direction, although he would not be moved to comment on any specific update to the 308 hatch.

He added that the 'Push to Pass' business plan recently announced by PSA Groupe - the renamed parent of the Peugeot, Citroen and DS brands - confirms that of the 34 new models planned to launch by 2021, 17 are earmarked for the Pacific region.

It will then be up to the branches and distributors in those regions, including Australia, to determine the suitability of each model for the local market.