The Mercedes-Benz E-Class L has been unveiled at the 2016 Beijing auto show with a slight twist to usual long-wheelbase game.
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In China, many owners of luxury cars prefer to be driven, hence the fact that practically every vehicle in the Audi A4-class and upwards is available in both standard and long wheelbase formats.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class L has an additional 140mm between the wheels, with all of that extra space given to passengers in the rear seats.

Langversion der neuen E-Klasse Limousine, InterieurLong-wheelb

Whereas most China-only long-wheelbase models solely flaunt their extra millimetres via a pair of stretched out rear doors, the E-Class L is said to be "inspired by Mercedes-Maybach models".

For the long wheelbase E-Class, Mercedes-Benz has given the sedan a new set of rear doors with a much straighter trailing edge and without the regular car's fixed rear quarter window. And thanks to a new side window behind the redesigned doors, the rear flank of the vehicle has also been modified to include both C- and D-pillars.

Langversion der neuen E-Klasse Limousine Long-wheelbase version

With the E-Class L's seats positioned as they are, as well as the revised window and door layout, the long-wheelbase E offers rear seat passengers decent outward visibility, but also increased privacy.

The ambiance of the interior can adjusted via the LED ambient lighting system, which is capable of 64 different colours. All variants of the E-Class L include a folding centre arm rest in the rear, although heating, an integrated touchscreen, and wireless phone charging are optional extras.